Private Tour To Luxor From Hurghada


private trip to luxor from Hurghada. Enjoy the private tour to Luxor from Hurghada. amazing day trip to visit Luxor and the kings valley or the queens. The best customized excursion as it is a private trip from the red sea. Luxor locates in the south of Egypt. It covers an area of 417 square km with population of about 520,000 Thebes was the capital of ancient Egypt for more than 500 years . The glory of the city began more after its army under the king Kamos who defeated the Hyksos so it became the political, military capital of Egypt. Its history started even deeper than 18th dynasty. The great king Montuhotep from the 11th dynasty reunited the two parts of Egypt. It has almost 75% of Egypt’s monuments and even 30% of the whole world. There is no city has such a history as Luxor. It was the ancient future of arts, constructions, engineering and medicine. In it the bodies of the most famous kings had been embalmed. It is definitely better for lots of people to feel more private.
you will be picked up at 4 Am to start our journey to the amazing city , the journey it will take about 3 hours to luxor , our first stop will be at the valley of the kings , the royal cemetry for 60 pharaohs in this place there's tutankhamon tomb , you can visit with extra charge . after that we will visit the factory of alabaster where it will be filled of sculptures and vases.after that we will go the great temple of queen Hatshepsut , it's located on the west bank of the nile close to valley of the kings. after that we will going to see the 2 famous statues ( the colossi of memnon) , these are statues for Amenhotep the third , then we will have our lunch , after lunch you then go to the largest temple in the world karnak temple, it contains group of temples like the great temple of Amon ra , the temple of the IPT , the temple of ptah and the temple of the god osiris. after that we will drive you back to hurghada to your hotel

Duration : 15 Hours


Availability : Everyday


Pick-up : 5:00 Am


Return : 8:00 Pm